Women & Movies

Behind every analysis, there is a story.  My story behind Women & Movies is short: “Women are underrepresented in the movies.” – “That’s not true; there are so many movies with female leads!” – “Ok, name ten.” – “Ms Marvel.” And cut.

XML Parsing with Python

Have you ever checked Health App on your iPhone? Have you ever wondered how to get data from that app? Have you ever thought about making a nice Tableau dashboard out of it? I have, so I did.

On The Road with Tableau

I love gathering data about myself. That’s why I fill my Excel table with my mood, leisure activities, travels and other stuff. It’s amazing to see how many places I visited in 2018. And even more exciting to visualize it with Tableau. 🙂

Text Analysis with Pandas

Word clouds are great. Everyone loves a good colourful word cloud. Me too. To make one of those with our instagramming Czech politicians’ data, we needed to do some data prep.

Instagram Scraping with Python

When writing an article about Czech political influencers, I came across some pretty interesting numbers. I was honestly surprised I haven’t found any data analysis covering this so I decided to do it myself (with lots of Jiri‘s help – he’s my data guru and coding mentor 🙂 ).