I Did Webinars On Visual Analytics!

Sarka talked live on the internet! I did two webinars on visual analytics in August and September 2020. And I have to say, I’m pretty proud of them. The first one focused on (science-based) arguments why good visual analytics matters. The second one was more about dashboarding and tons of great inspiration.

Women & Movies

Behind every analysis, there is a story.  My story behind Women & Movies is short: “Women are underrepresented in the movies.” – “That’s not true; there are so many movies with female leads!” – “Ok, name ten.” – “Ms Marvel.” And cut.

On The Road with Tableau

I love gathering data about myself. That’s why I fill my Excel table with my mood, leisure activities, travels and other stuff. It’s amazing to see how many places I visited in 2018. And even more exciting to visualize it with Tableau. 🙂

Text Analysis with Pandas

Word clouds are great. Everyone loves a good colourful word cloud. Me too. To make one of those with our instagramming Czech politicians’ data, we needed to do some data prep.