Czech Politicians on Instagram

There are more than a hundred million posts uploaded every single day on Instagram. More than 4 billion likes a day by half a billion users. Fifty nine percent of internet users between the age of 18 and 29 have an active Instagram account. More than 70% of teenagers use Instagram. Even if it dies out like MySpace one day, right now Instagram is definitely one of the best online places where to target young audience. [Sources: Age Distribution, Teens]

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Digital Academy Project

Digital Academy is a three-month hands-on course preparing bunch of girls, moms, and women for a brand-new career in data analysis. We learnt how to get, clean and show all kinds of data using Python, SQL, Power BI and Tableau. This project was a collaboration of my classmate and me.

Czechitas is a non-profit organization based in the Czech Republic that’s oriented on getting more women to tech industry by providing short- and long-term programming workshops.
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